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Individual growth and spiritual development leads to a fullness of life

Pastoral Care

The special sense of spirituality that exists at Mercy Community (MC) has always been a big attraction for our residents and their families. Spirituality is more than consideration for people’s religious persuasion, it is more about an inner sense of reflection and time for reconciling life’s events.

Residents at MC facilities can be assured they will have the space and support to look back on their lives and relationships, their legacy and the myriad of other things that occupy the thoughts of those in the later years of life. Pastoral support is available through the specific pastoral care role, as well as through the pastoral role that is inherent in all staff positions.

Message from Shanelle Bennett, Volunteer and Pastoral Care Coordinator

I have come to this role from many years of service in the Church of Brisbane.  As a counsellor I have previously worked and cared for people in welfare, domestic violence, the corrections sector, general individual and family counselling and youth ministry.

Now I come as Volunteer and Pastoral Care Coordinator for Mercy Community, Aged Care Nudgee. I believe that my role is to be available for residents as a supportive presence. I support our residents to get the most from each day, to socialise with other residents and staff, and overcome challenges as they arise.

I encourage residents to share their stories, to reminisce on the good times and reflect on their lives and their heritage. My presence as an active listener is perhaps the most worthwhile aspect of my role.